Waigaoqiao Won Order for Four 7,000teu Energy Saving Ships


  • Waigaoqiao has more than 10 orders for 7000TEU container ships.
  • T.S. Lines ordered four 7000TEU container ship.
  • New ships comply with the future energy-saving regulations.

China Shipbuilding Trading and Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding signed a contract for the construction of four 7000TEU container ships with Taiwan T.S. Lines, says an article published in Xinde Marine News.

Contract value

The contract value is more than 300 million US dollars and this is the largest container ship order since the establishment of T.S. Lines.

Another batch order

This is another batch order for this type of ship signed by CSTC and Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding with Singapore Sea Consortium for 8 7000TEU container ships.

Has more than 10 orders

It is reported that after this contract, Waigaoqiao has more than 10 orders for 7000TEU container ships, which has effectively consolidated the company’s market share in the medium-sized container ship segment.

The 7000TEU container ship ordered by T.S. Lines adopts the SEALION 7000 wide-body ship type independently designed by SDARI.

Environmentally friendly ships

This type of ship is a green, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly container ship with a total length of 272 meters, a profile width of 42.8 meters, a profile depth of 24.6 meters, and a full-load draft of 15 meters.

BWTS  certified by USCG

The nitrogen oxide emissions meet IMO Tier Ⅲ emission standard, sulfur oxide meets IMO sulfur cap. The ship is equipped with a ballast water treatment system certified by USCG and meets the requirements of EEDI Phase Ⅲ.

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Source: XindeMarineNews






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