Walmart Chartering Ships To Ensure Enough Freight Capacity


  • Walmart is chartering ships to ensure it has enough freight capacity to meet the demand for peak season
  • the retailer’s out-of-stock levels are higher than normal due to high sales levels and supply chain constraints
  • vessels chartered and capacity secured for the third and fourth quarter
  • the inventory positioning particularly compared to last year with inventory up 20% across the segments

Walmart charters ships to ensure freight capacity, also confident its inventory will be in a good position for the end of the year says an article on Supply Chain Dive.

Dive Insight:-

Some large importers like Walmart have decided that taking matters into their own hands is a better decision than waiting for ocean carriers to have space. The rush to secure capacity has gained steam as cargo owners need to ship products soon if they’re going to be on the shelves for the holidays.


Walmart is confident its inventory will be in a good position for the end of the year, Furner said. Its inventory for the most recent quarter was up 20% YoY, which the company said reflected the impact COVID-19 had on inventory last year and the need to meet high demand this year, according to slides presented during its earnings call.

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Source: Supply Chain Dive


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