Walmart Drives Towards A Greener Future With First-Ever RNG


With the introduction of the first North American—and the first five—15-litre compressed natural gas engine that will be used in Walmart’s private fleet, the company is moving closer to its goal of having a zero-emissions transportation fleet, as reported by Chevron.

Renewable natural gas

Walmart has introduced a new truck powered by the X15N™ engine supplied by Cummins and fuelled by Chevron using compressed natural gas (CNG) linked to renewable natural gas. The CNG-powered truck will make its first journey from Indiana to California, refuelling at Chevron stations along the way. Walmart is committed to achieving zero emissions across global operations by 2040 and the introduction of this CNG-powered truck is an important milestone in the retailer’s journey. Using renewable natural gas is a significant step towards lowering fleet emissions, as it captures methane from decomposing organic matter, which would otherwise contribute to climate change.

Lowering fleet emissions

Cummins is partnering with Walmart and Chevron to test the X15N™ engine, which is fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) linked to renewable natural gas, on a journey from Indiana to California. This move toward renewable natural gas is an important step toward lowering fleet emissions. The data gathered from this partnership will help Cummins validate its engines prior to moving into full production. The truck will be featured at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Anaheim, California, on May 1-4, where it will be on display and available for attendees to test. Chevron hopes that partnering with Walmart and Cummins will help deliver progress today for transportation, the industry, and customers who rely on all of their products to advance a lower carbon economy.


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Source: Chevron