War Sailor: Uncovering PTSD and Honoring the Forgotten Heroes of the Sea

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The Norwegian drama series “War Sailor” tells the little-known stories of the crucial role of allied merchant shipping and the lasting effects of PTSD on post-war generations during World War II, as reported by GCaptain.

War Sailor

The series, which debuted as a feature film for the Oscars’ international category, is the most expensive Norwegian movie ever made, with stunning cinematography and raw, immersive experiences. Directed by Gunnar Vikene, the series follows the lives of two dockworkers from Bergen, thrust into the brutal world of cargo shipping during the war.

“War Sailor”: A Haunting Norwegian Drama Depicting the Suffering and Resilience of Merchant Sailors in World War II, Pays Tribute to Their Sacrifices.

The Norwegian Merchant Marine suffered monumental losses during World War II, with thousands of sailors perishing in the unforgiving tempest of war. Despite this, their unwavering dedication and sacrifices served as a beacon of hope and resilience, illuminating the path to the ultimate triumph of the Allied forces. Their indomitable spirit is a reminder of the power of perseverance in the face of adversity and a legacy that will forever be intertwined with the story of World War II.

The Problem Continues Today

The series “War Sailor” not only depicts the sacrifices and struggles of Norwegian Merchant Marines during World War II but also sheds light on the lack of recognition and support they faced, even decades after the war. The film highlights the ongoing medical issues and PTSD faced by veterans, including those who served in subsequent wars, and emphasizes the need for addressing and rectifying the situation. The lack of recognition and support for veterans is a disservice to their dedicated service and calls for action to ensure they receive the recognition and medical support they deserve.

Allied Merchant Marine Support Have Also Been Forgotten

The importance of greater cooperation in marine matters between the US and its allies is also emphasised in War Sailor. Despite the highest admirals of the US Navy recognising the value of cooperating with friendly forces, the US Merchant Marine and other merchant navies continue to be disregarded. This includes highly skilled commercial mariners from the Philippines and Ukraine, whose skills and knowledge could significantly benefit the maritime community in the war in the future.

History Repeats Itself

The series War Sailor highlights the sacrifices and dedication of the unsung heroes of the Merchant Marine during World War II, while also shedding light on the lack of recognition and support they received. The series serves as a reminder of the need for maintaining a strong and adaptable merchant marine force in a rapidly changing world, as well as investing in joint training and support between allied navies. The final episode of the series shows how families of Merchant Mariners continue to struggle with the effects of war even decades later. The author recommends watching the series as a call to action to recognize and support Merchant Marine veterans and to ensure they receive the recognition and basic benefits they deserve.

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Source: GCaptain