[Warnings] Tech Workers Cautionary Tale



After the unraveling story of Good Technology, the tech workers are revealing a ‘word of caution’ in working at Silicon Valley’s hottest companies.

According to a recent news, the company was said to be worth $1.1 billion.  And to everybody’s surprise the company was sold for just $425 Million to Blackberry.  Finally, the workers ended up with stock worth just pennies.

Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban commented that: “Unless the company gets lucky, employees lose.”

What are the difficulties faced in such situation:

  • Employees feel that they are taking slightly lower salaries in exchange for stock options.
  • Many don’t realize that the investors have negotiated clauses make it hard for them to lose money, even if valuations crash.
  • Concerns regarding the stock option when the employees decide to leave the company.


pc86 wrote: “There are tons of stories of completely incompetent and/or corrupt founders literally locking the door on employees,”

throwaway1223 said: “[It’s] a much better career move for non-founders to work for large established companies.”

There are now 140 so-called unicorns, privately-held companies valued at $1 billion or more.  If those valuations crash, it’s the employees who would likely lose out — not the executives or investors.

Source: CNN Money


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