Wärtsilä ANCS Develops Retrofit for Marine Engine Governor System

Credits: Wärtsilä Corporation

Wärtsilä Automation, Navigation and Control Systems (ANCS) has launched a retrofit solution for its marine engine governor system, in collaboration with Swedish marine green tech company Qtagg, which is designed to extend the lifespan of a ship’s propulsion control system and improve overall efficiency, reads an official press release.

ANCS’s marine governor systems help regulate and control engine speed. They manage the fuel supply under all operating conditions, including fluctuating engine load caused by rough seas or changes in weight.

Advanced AI eco-driving system

The retrofit solution comprises digital engine governors and advanced AI eco-driving system, and the system reduces fuel consumption and emissions, while increasing operating efficiency. The retrofit solution can be applied to a broad range of vessels, including Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax, and cargo ships.

This collaboration reflects the marine industry’s efforts to achieve greater efficiencies and decarbonised operations. Our two companies are leaders in their fields, and by leveraging our capabilities, we are able to offer a state-of-the-art solution that supports these ambitions,’ said Christian Skytte, Head of Product Automation Systems at Wärtsilä ANCS.

We are pleased to be cooperating closely with Wärtsilä in this important project,’ commented Tomas Lindqvist, CEO at Qtagg. ‘The shipping industry is highly motivated to find ways to raise efficiency levels and lower emissions. We have simplified the process, allowing captains and operators to stay in control. The digitalisation of the propulsion control system will help determine CII ratings, while enabling predictable arrival times.’

Qtagg noted that it has already placed orders for two retrofit systems.

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Source: Wärtsilä 


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