Wärtsilä Announces Contest For Ideas



Wärtsilä is a globally known pioneer in the utilisation of digital technologies in the marine and energy industries.  It launches an innovation contest for start-up companies and entrepreneurs to find new and unique digital services for the marine industry.  The winner of the contest will have an opportunity to work with Wärtsilä’s experts and Shift Actions.   The contest, it is hoped will build closer relationships with international start-up companies and entrepreneurs and discover interesting digital business opportunities together to support the growth of Wärtsilä’s customers’ business.  The winner also gets a chance to become part of the highly international marine business.  Wärtsilä will tell more about the contest on the stage at Slush’s Clean Solutions event in Helsinki on 12 November 2015.

The contest will start on 26 October 2015, Opportunities abound in the marine industry for new product and service innovations.  Wärtsilä’s innovations increase the predictability of maintenance requirements, optimise the use of vessels’ equipment and even enable the utilisation of virtual reality in remote support.  The efficiency gains, better usability, improved transparency of operations and enhanced safety are expected.

Wärtsilä offers the winner of the contest a 30-day agile “Lean Innovation Lab” supported by Shift Actions.  The sprint is focused on the challenges of innovation, development of the concept for commercialisation, its prototyping as well as the business plan and its implementation plan.  The concrete ideas  will be analysed for the usability of the solution, innovativeness, customer focus and the business potential and scalability of the solution within the marine business in future together with Wärtsilä.

Submissions can be sent to Wärtsilä by 31 December 2015.  The winner of the contest will be chosen by an international jury established by Wärtsilä.  The jury includes Wärtsilä’s experts as well as distinguished representatives of the marine industry media, Wärtsilä’s customer and capital investor as well as start-up incubator.  The best ideas will be showcased to the jury in February.  The winner will be announced in March 2016.

Source: Wärtsilä


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