Wärtsilä and Cavotec Join Hands For A Combined Concept


An Agreement has been signed by both the giants to develop the world’s first combined induction charging and automatic mooring concept.


Wärtsilä has developed a wireless charging system based on inductive power transfer while Cavotec provides automated mooring systems for various types of vessels, as well as shore power and reel systems.

Both the Giants have agreed to develop an integrated wireless charging/mooring concept for use in Wärtsilä’s ship designs.

The new project’s integrated system will be capable of transferring more than 1 MW of electrical energy.  This is some 300 times more than that of current chargers used by electric cars.

About Wireless charging and mooring concept:

A Wireless charging completely gets rid of cable connection between the vessel and the shore.  The advantages of wireless charging are:

  • Securing and facilitating safe connections and disconnections
  • Reduces maintenance since wear and tear to physical connection lines is eliminated
  • Damage to electrical outlets caused by seawater, snow and ice is also avoided

Cavotec Mooring system eliminates the need for conventional mooring lines.  Remote controlled vacuum pads recessed into, or mounted on the quayside, moor and release vessels in seconds.

Peter Rogers, Director Power Products, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions, said: “During recent years, wireless charging has been introduced for cars, busses and trains.  Wärtsilä has now made this possible also for marine vessels.  This agreement with Cavotec will enable this technology to be delivered as an integrated charging and mooring system.”

Ottonel Popesco, CEO of Cavotec Group, said: “This is an exciting project and we are delighted to be partnering with Wärtsilä to make shipping cleaner, safer, and easier.  The envisioned integrated wireless charging and mooring system will further the marine industry’s environmental profile.”

Source: Wartsila



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