Wärtsilä Enters Solar Market and Alignment Services


Wärtsilä Diversifies Its Products As Well As Its Services


Wärtsilä, a renowned Finnish corporation, seeks entry in solar energy markets and in alignment and measurement services.

Solar energy business

Wärtsilä starts delivering utility-scale solar photo-voltaic (PV) solutions.  Prior to this venture, Wartsila was into the power solutions.  It has been providing services for the marine and energy markets.  It’s new solutions include solar PV power plants of 10 MW and above, and hybrid power plants comprising solar PV plants and internal combustion engines.  Both solutions are offered with full engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) delivery.

The company is to provide solutions to the independent power producers (IPP), utilities and industrial customers.  It aims at annual sales of €300m from its new venture by 2020.  Plans are open to deliver both of the solutions under an umbrella covering all aspects including engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) model.

Wartsila Energy Solutions president Javier Cavada said: “We are excited to expand our portfolio with new sustainable innovations and help our customers reduce their carbon emissions.”

“Large-scale solar is a big business, with the installed base expected to grow four-fold to 450GW by 2025.”

“Our competitive-edge builds on three things: global EPC capability, a wide sales, and service network, and an existing customer base in 176 countries.”

Alignment and measurement services

Wärtsilä also expands its offering in alignment and measurement services to help its customers keep their propulsion equipment healthy.  It aims at offering services regarding alignment issues that could end up in serious damages if remedies are not offered.  Wärtsilä Alignment and measurement services increase customers’ operating time by measuring, analysing and correcting alignment issues in propulsion equipment.

René Bertelsen, global sales manager, Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings alignment and measurement services noted: “As the misaligned equipment rotates, it causes vibration and stress that can result in a breakdown of the shaft assembly or, in the long run, even large-scale damage to struts and hulls.  Costly repairs and downtime can be avoided by regular alignment inspections and realignment when necessary.”  

The renowned company uses patented Gyro laser technology with a jack-up system.  This is to compare the measured bending curve with the actual load in the bearings.  Realignment of shaft lines can be completed within two hours when the necessary tools are at hand.

Shaft realignment is also useful in case of a bearing failure: measuring and correction can help bring the ship safely to dock for repairs.  Wärtsilä has developed a new portable condition measurement system allowing health checks of equipment to be carried out while the vessel is in operation.  Service engineers measure the vibration, temperature, torque and position of the equipment to determine the reason for the failure and make the necessary repairs and adjustments.

The company noted that the new system would be particularly useful for cruise and ferry operators and container vessels, for whom vibration reduction is crucial and operational delays very costly.

The range of equipment covered has been expanded – now including stern tubes, propeller shafts, intermediate shafts, engines, gearboxes, shaft generators, rudders, and hulls – while geographical reach has also been extended to provide a global service.

Reference: Wartsila Solar Market and Wartsila Alignment Services


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