Wärtsilä Fuel Systems To Power EXMAR Vessels At Hyundai


  • Wärtsilä Gas Solutions (WGS) will deliver the fuel supply and cargo handling systems for two new gas carriers that will operate with ammonia fuel.
  • The ships are being built at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyards (HMD) in Korea for ship owner EXMAR LPG, a joint venture between EXMAR and Seapeak.

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions (WGS), a division of the technology group Wärtsilä, has secured a contract to provide fuel supply and cargo handling systems for two new gas carriers designed to operate on ammonia fuel. These vessels are being constructed by Hyundai Mipo Dockyards (HMD) in Korea for EXMAR LPG, a joint venture between EXMAR, a versatile provider of maritime and offshore solutions, and Seapeak, a leading independent owner-operator in the liquefied natural gas sector. The order was finalized in the second quarter of 2024.

Role of ammonia to achieve decarbonization

Carl-Antoine Saverys, CEO of EXMAR, emphasized the critical role of ammonia in their strategy for achieving decarbonized operations. He highlighted the necessity of specialized fuel handling and supply systems designed for ammonia, citing Wärtsilä’s expertise and capabilities in delivering these solutions. With EXMAR’s extensive experience of over 40 years in safe and efficient ammonia transport, Saverys underscored their proven track record in this field. The collaboration between EXMAR and Wärtsilä aims to advance the use of ammonia as a marine fuel, marking a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This partnership combines EXMAR’s deep industry knowledge with Wärtsilä’s advanced technology, positioning them at the forefront of pioneering sustainable fuel solutions for maritime applications.

This agreement marks the conclusion of a series of six newbuilds for EXMAR, all of which will feature Wärtsilä’s cargo handling and fuel supply systems. These medium-sized gas carriers (MGCs) represent a pioneering advancement as the first ocean-going vessels capable of running on ammonia fuel. Ammonia offers significant environmental benefits by eliminating CO2, sulfur, and particulate emissions during combustion, thereby potentially reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional marine diesel fuel.

Patrick Ha, Sales Manager at Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, emphasized the importance of their recent contract win as a major milestone for the company. He highlighted their proficiency in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions tailored for the maritime sector. The achievement aligns closely with Wärtsilä’s strategy to support decarbonized shipping operations, underscoring their robust partnership with EXMAR and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard. Ha pointed out that this success demonstrates Wärtsilä’s commitment to advancing environmental sustainability through advanced gas solutions, positioning them as a leader in driving positive change within the industry.

Wärtsilä’s extensive supply offering includes the Cargo Handling Package and the Liquid Ammonia Fuel Supply System (AFSS), integrating advanced process engineering and dynamic simulation capabilities. The AFSS, designed for efficient deployment on a skid platform, features essential components such as low- and high-pressure fuel pumps, precise controls for fuel pressure and temperature management, and heat exchangers. Scheduled for delivery to the designated yard in 2025, this solution underscores Wärtsilä’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies that enhance operational efficiency and sustainability in maritime applications, reinforcing their leadership in providing comprehensive solutions for cargo handling and alternative fuel systems in the marine industry.

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Source: Wärtsilä