Wartsila To Donate One Seabin To the Zer°emission Project


In a recent development, the technology company Wärtsilä announced that they will be donating one Seabin to the Zer°emission project, reports Steel Guru.

What is it?

  • The Zer°emission team is sailing a modern TP52-class sailing boat in major racing events during 2019 and 2020.
  • They will work with fourteen race host cities throughout the programme, striving to impact, influence, and change views on marine sustainability.

Inspiring Sailors for Cleaner Ocean Practice

  • Together, Wärtsilä and the Zer°emission team will work to inspire sailors, race fans, other organizations, and race host cities to join the quest for cleaner oceans.
  • The joint goal is to raise awareness about sea pollution and offer a platform for discussion

How has Wartsila helped Seabin?

In 2017, Wärtsilä signed up – as the first big industrial company – to partner with the Seabin Project. The Seabin Project was created to address the global challenge that plastic and other waste is causing to the oceans of the world. Seabins are floating waste bins placed in the water along coastal areas to collect all floating rubbish. Since joining the initiative, Wärtsilä has donated 35 Seabins to various locations globally.

About the Zer°emission

  • The Zer°emission team will participate in sailing race events in Sweden, Finland and Estonia during 2019.
  • During their stay in these countries they will actively promote marine sustainability, both in the events and with the local media.
  • The Wärtsilä donated Seabin will travel with the team.
  • It will be used to clean the seawater around the marinas, and will be demonstrated to the race spectators.
  • The crew will also organise and participate in waste cleaning initiatives, such as cleaning the marinas and coastal shores before the races.

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Source: SteelGuru


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