Wärtsilä Voyage Secures Five-year Digital Infrastructure


A recent news article published in the Riviera states that Wärtsilä Voyage wins five-year digital infrastructure contract from ABP.

ABP group’s ports

A deal between Wärtsilä’s digital software developing Wärtsilä Voyage arm and ABP will see its vessel traffic services and port management information system installed across all 21 of the ABP group’s ports.

According to Wärtsilä, the types of software applications included under the agreement include just-in-time (JIT) arrival monitoring and scheduling, machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence applications to support operational efficiencies at the ports.

The financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

“After a thorough international procurement process where all major suppliers of port optimisation solutions were invited to tender, ABP chose to collaborate with Wärtsilä Voyage,” Wärtsilä Voyage said. “The framework agreement, valid for at least the next five years, formalises a shared vision and commitment from both organisations to develop modern smart port applications through extensive and long-term collaboration.”

Wärtsilä’s vessel traffic services system

The project, which began in June 2022, will be rolled out across all of ABP’s ports in phases. Wärtsilä’s vessel traffic services system and port management information system are expected to be integrated into the Port of Southampton before April 2023, with other solutions subsequently being deployed across ABP’s other 20 ports. No specific timeline was given beyond this by Wärtsilä.

Wärtsilä said its agreement with ABP mandates regular reviews to ensure the employees working in ports’ control rooms have facilities that are fully compliant with all national and international standards and guidelines.

Wärtsilä Corp chief executive Håkan Agnevall said, “This is a landmark contract that will have a profound impact on the sustainability, resilience and efficiency of global supply chains. Digitalisation offers great potential for the maritime industry to reach its ambitious emissions reductions targets. That is why the expertise within Wärtsilä Voyage plays such an important role in the pathway to zero emissions and continues to be integral to Wärtsilä’s strategy to generate genuine and long-term change for our sector.”

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Source: Riviera


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