Wartsila’s Dual-Fuel Two Stroke Gets Type Approval



The Winterthur Gas and Diesel (WinGD) has designed and developed a dual-fuel engine.  It is equipped with a low-pressure gas admission system.  At present it has successfully completed its Type Approval Test (TAT).

In early December 2015, the TAT of the Wartsila brand engine was conducted at the works of WinGD’s Chinese licensee Yachai Mairne Power Co Ltd. (YCMP).

Lauding the success of the test, Marcel Ott, general manager of dual-fuel technology at WinGD’s Swiss headquarters, said “The successful TAT is proof that WinGD low-pressure X-DF Technology is not only commercially competitive, but also fulfils all the safety standards required.”

He also added: “At the same time, the adoption of the RT-flex50DF engine for the Baltic SO2lution shows that the technology is already acknowledged as an  environmentally friendly propulsion option.”

Many representatives from major Classification Societies such as ABS, BV, CCS and DNV-GL were present during the type approval.

The WinGD low-pressure dual-fuel technology is all set for commercial use in marine propulsion applications after the success of TAT.  January 2016 is the expected delivery date of YCMP-built 5RT-flex50DF engine to the shipyard building four 15,000 DWT tankers ordered by Tarntank Rederi A/S, based in Skagen, Denmark.

The tankers are to operate mostly in northern European waters designated as Sulphur Emission Control Areas (ECAs).

Source: WinGD



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