Wärtsilä’s Methanol-Powered Revolution


Wärtsilä, a leading technology group, has secured a significant order to supply methanol-fuelled auxiliary engines for a series of new container vessels. This order marks a milestone in the Chinese maritime sector’s adoption of sustainable fuel solutions and underscores the industry’s commitment to decarbonization.

Supplying Methanol-Fuelled Engines

Wärtsilä will provide methanol-fuelled engines, exhaust cleaning systems, and alternators for five new container vessels for COSCO Shipping Lines Co., Ltd, and seven new container vessels for the Orient Overseas Container Line. These engines have received type approval from various classification societies, demonstrating their reliability and environmental benefits.

Driving Decarbonization

By utilizing methanol instead of heavy fuel oil, these vessels are poised to significantly reduce CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions. The use of green methanol derived from renewable sources further enhances their environmental credentials, aligning with the maritime industry’s push towards net-zero emissions shipping.

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