[Watch] 26-Year-Old Titanic Mystery Solved


Diver Paul Henry Nargeolet frequently visited the Titanic shipwreck. He had made an odd discovery by the time he had completed 30 dives.

Mysterious blip

A mysterious blip that showed on his sonar screen one day in 1998 set off a decades-long mystery. Nobody knew what it was; all they knew was that it was large and near the Titanic.

Nargeolet and other scholars headed out to the shipwreck in 2022, and they were able to piece together the mystery. The blip wasn’t a new underwater mountain or a shipwreck. A reef in the deep ocean. The volcanic formation, tentatively known as the Nargeolet-Fanning Ridge, was 9,514 feet (2,900 metres) below the surface and was teeming with marine life, including fish, corals, lobsters, and sponges.

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Source: List Verse




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