[Watch] 4 Crew Rescued After Grounding


The “Osfjord” was stuck in pos. 64° 2.51′ N 009° 50.26′ E after its grounding on Sep 22, 2018, near Linesøya in Trøndelag in the Åfjord, and listing to starboard side in heavy surf. The ship was on its way from Brønnøysund to Kristiansund when it ran aground in strong western winds short past 5 a.m. on Sep 22, 2018.

The MRCC coordinated the rescue mission during which the lifeboat from Fillan and a helicopter were sent to the grounding site. Due to the stormy weather with the surf breaking over the ship it was not possible for the lifeboat to do anything on the spot. After the helicopter from Ørland arrived at 5.54 a.m., and the rescue mission was completed within one hour and the four crew members taken to shore.

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Source: NSSR on Twitter


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