[Watch] A Dive on the Wreck of the Schiedam


The Schiedam was wrecked in 1684 off the coast of Cornwall while carrying arms, tools and other goods from Tangier in North Africa to England. This film was taken in October 2018 several weeks after a severe storm swept most of the sand from the wreck, and on a day of exceptionally clear water for this site. As I swim over it you can see two small cannons that are likely to be shipboard armament, two large cylinders that may be parts of mortars or a bombard, many areas of concretion containing iron, lead and marble, four larger guns side by side that were part of the ship’s cargo, a cannon ball and a larger mortar ball, two sections of surviving timber and finally a gun perched on a rocky shelf as if ready to fire.

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Source: David Gibbins on YouTube