[Watch] Air Lounger Danger Warning


Consumer protection is warning owners of inflatable air loungers not to use them in water as they could pose a drowning risk.

Inflatable air loungers are fabric tubes that are inflated to form a lounge or bed.

They may also be marketed as air sofas or inflatable furniture under a range of brand names, including being sold on-line and from overseas suppliers.

The warning follows two reported incidents in Victoria and New South Wales where the lining of the lounger split and users became entangled in the material and almost drowned.

Consumer protection acting commissioner David Hillyard said consumer agencies throughout Australia had launched an investigation into the dangers of the product.

“These products, which have been on the market since 2014 and have now become popular items to buy, are mostly used as sun lounges at the beach and at picnics,” Mr Hillyard said.

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Source: Mandurah Mail, Television New Zealand