[Watch] Allision with Buoy


On November 29, a vessel reportedly allided with a buoy while it was entering the port of Cagliari.

What happened?

The vessel ‘Karina Danica’ lost control of the vessel and reportedly allided with a buoy placed in the entrance channel while entering the port.

It vessel is said to have allided with the buoy due to propeller pitch problems which made the captain to difficult to maneuver the vessel.

Tugs assist ship:

Due to quick thinking by the port officials, a pilot boat and the port captain intervened to make sure everything was fine.

Two tugs which were present on the allison site assisted the vessel to moor and she was successfully towed into Cagliari port and berthed.

Vessel checked for damages:

Tests were carried out once the ship had arrived in the harbour, and the hull was checked by divers.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident and no pollution to the environment was reported.

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Source: VistaNet


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