[Watch] Amateur Drone Pilot Lucky Enough to Capture a Unique Footage


An amateur drone pilot has been lucky enough to capture a piece of Civil war history while he was vacationing on the beach.

What happened?

Brent Garlington, was in the process of testing his drone and was lucky enough to capture a unique footage while filming via UAV over the Lockwood Folly Inlet between Oak Island and Holden Beach last week where he captured footage of a wrecked Civil War steamship.

Once the footage was revealed the vessel was identified as ‘Bendigo’, an ironclad Confederate blockade runner. Although the ship’s location has been known since the 1960s, but this was the first time it was caught in this perspective.

History of the vessel

In 1864, the vessel ‘Bendigo’ mistook the wreckage of another Confederate blockade runner ‘The Elizabeth’ for a Union warship. While trying to pass the other ship, the Bendigo ran aground, leading the captain to set fire to his ship rather than allow it to fall into Union hands.

Drones have helped researchers uncover various historical and archaeological sites from its inception.

Disclaimer: The above info provided for educational purpose only. Some ship and Company info may have been accidentally or intentionally omitted. Please check the source for complete list.

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Source: Dron Life