[Watch] How AR Can Improve Ship Safety


Augmented reality can improve navigation safety and help prevent maritime accidents. This technology provides seafarers with additional information on bridge systems that assists them in avoiding hazards during voyages.

AR is one of 10 technologies that I predicted would have a major impact on shipping this year.

It seems some shipping companies feel the same.

Mitsui OSK Lines is working with Furuno Electric to develop AR technology to support ship operations.

In this project, MOL is looking to overlay different types of information, such as nearby vessels and landmarks from AIS data with images of landscapes taken from the bridge.

MOL wants to overlap radar hazard targets with obstacle zone information, which is generated by algorithms and from image recognition technologies.

All of this can support crew in their watchkeeping duties by highlighting hazards earlier and more clearly.

Furuno will develop these technologies and incorporate them into its bridge systems. MOL expects this type of AR information will prevent ship collisions and groundings.

Maersk Group can also incorporate AR into bridge systems as its tug owning business Svitzer is working with Rolls-Royce on this technology.

I have already seen AR in action at Svitzer’s office in Copenhagen, Denmark, as part of a remote control tug demonstration.

Other manufacturers and shipping companies should consider developing AR to provide more information to bridge teams which would assist them in avoiding accidents and putting seafarers’ lives at risk.

Disclaimer: This video is intended for informational purpose only. This may not be construed as a news item or advice of any sort. Please consult the experts in that field for the authenticity of the presentations.

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Source: Marine Electronics & Communications


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