[Watch] Biggest Moments in 2015 – From GOOGLE


The video features ‘the 2015 biggest moments’ and the related searches in the year. The searches has inspired trillion of questions.

Explore the year’s biggest moments and the questions they inspired.

Paris Under Attack November/2015 897 M+
Star Wars December/2015 155 M+
Water On Mars October/2015 10M+
Rugby World Cup September-October 2015 246 M+
The Longest reigning Queen September/2015 100 M+
Volkswagon Emission Scandal September/2015 13 M+
Migrant Crisis 2015 23 M+
Cecil the Lion July/2015 32 M+
Women’s World Cup July/2015 113 M+
Iran Nuclear Deal July/2015 20 M+
Greece on the brink July/2015 35 M+
China Crisis June/2015 12 M+
FIFA in crisis April/2015 42 M+
Nepal Earthquake April/2015 85 M+
Cricket World Cup February-March 2015 323 M+
Farewell to the bright Stars February/2015 123 M+
Oscar 2015 February/2015 406 M+
The dress February/2015 73

Source: Google


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