[Watch] Bridge Explosion! Collapse Warning To Shipping


In a major blow for Russian President Vladimir Putin, a huge explosion early Saturday severely damaged the only bridge connecting the annexed Crimean Peninsula with the Russian mainland, crimping a key supply route for Moscow’s faltering war in Ukraine, reports Fleetmon.

Crimean Bridge explosion

Crimean Bridge across Kerch Strait suffered explosion and fire early in the morning Oct 8, two spans of motorway bridge collapsed and fell into water, railway bridge above motorway with cargo train including railway car tanks with fuel, is on fire. Details sketchy and confusing, almost surely it wasn’t missile hit, but definitely it was an explosion or several explosions, on a motorway part of the bridge.

All bridge traffic suspended, Ukraine is publishing news but doesn’t say anything on probable Ukraine’s role in it.

Supply route crimped

Crimean Bridge is more than a Bridge, both for Russia and Ukraine. For Russia (not thankfully, for all of Russians), it’s a symbol of Russian “victory” and historical justice. For Ukraine, it’s a symbol of Russian aggression and Crimea occupation.

Navigation span of the Bridge is yet undamaged, and therefore, Kerch Strait Channel is navigable. Understood, though, that Kerch Strait Transit is from now on, a risky undertaking, so all ship owners are advised to calculate risks and probably, change their ships voyages, avoiding Azov sea calls.

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Source: Fleetmon


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