[Watch] Cameron’s Dive Into The Deepest Depth


Has anyone seen the deepest spot on earth? James Cameron, deep sea explorer and film maker, piloted the craft to accomplish the goal of reaching the deepest known point on earth, the DeepSea Challenge. The craft used for the challenge was built in Sydney, Australia by the research and design company Acheron Project Pty Ltd. Watch the video of the descent in one minute.


  • The Challenge is about 11000 meters deep.
  • It took 90 minutes to accomplish the goal.
  • Cameron reached to the Deepsea Challenge by passing through various depth points already accomplished.

0 feet – 660 feet

90% of the Ocean life lives here

800 feet

The dive depth of a nuclear submarine

1044 feet

Deepest recorded Scuba dive

3300 feet

Last Trickle of Sunlight

8200 feet

Deepest diving Whale

12467 feet

Titanic’s Final resting place

25262 feet

The snail fish-the deepest living fish ever filmed

29000 feet

Mount Everest inverted

36070 feet

The Challenger Deep