[Watch] Capsized Ship Brought Back To Surface


Watch: Capsized ship brought back to surface in Grand Harbour recovery operation

A fishing trawler that had capsized in the Grand Harbour after being struck by a larger cargo ship was brought back to the surface yesterday.

The Angela Arcella was carrying bait to be used at fish farms when it was hit by a cargo shipon on August 9.  The cargo ship, the 8,383 tonne Maria, had suffered a mechanical failure and also hit another ship in the ensuing chaos.

Two of the Angela Arcella‘s crew members were forced to jump to sea to make their getaway as their ship sunk.  Neither was seriously injured.

A rescue team yesterday worked through the afternoon at Laboratory Wharf to bring the Angela Arcella back to the surface.

Times of Malta‘s Darrin Zammit Lupi witnessed part of the recovery mission.

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Source: Times of Malta