[Watch] Cargo Ship Aground and Stranded Against Rocks Off Bari




A Turkish merchant ship became stranded against rocks off the shore of Bari, Italy, reports The Australian.

What happened?

The Turkish merchant ship departed from Ortona on Feb. 22 and was heading to Turkey’s Aliağa Port in Izmir province carrying wheat, Italian media reported.

The vessel was driven aground due to strong winds in the southeastern Italian port of Bari,  on February 23, as Gale force winds swept across the Adriatic Sea.

The vessel was carrying 15 crew members, all of whom were identified as Turkish citizens. Winds of 35 knots were reported in the area, and winds of up to 60 knots were reported across other areas of southern and central Italy.

Rescue operations

A tug boat involved in the operation to release the vessel also was stranded against rocks, and efforts to free them both continued on February 24.

Coast Guard reportedly dispatched a helicopter to rescue the crew members, reports said.

Strong winds affected rescue efforts, obstructing the work of coast guard teams but crew members were safely evacuated.

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Source: TheAustralian


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