[Watch] Cargo Ships Backlog Worsen!


The backup of cargo ships heading toward Long Beach and Los Angeles is so bad that one can now see vessels waiting off the coast of San Diego, reports CBS8.

The ‘bad’ shipping backup

The whole coast is just lined up with shipping containers,” said Encinitas resident, Peter Byrne.

Byrne didn’t realize how bad the shipping backup was until Friday night when he noticed a row of lights stretching across the horizon from his home.

And I was like ‘I wonder what all those are.’ So, Saturday morning I went out and it was a super clear day and I could see with my naked eye lots of ships out there, so I got the telescope out and that’s when I noticed they’re all shipping containers,” said Byrne.

On Monday, it was too hazy to see anything during the day. But, according to the website, vesselfinder.com, they’re out there off the San Diego coast in the dozens.

While some are going to San Diego, the majority are headed towards Long Beach and Los Angeles where, as of Sunday night, nearly 90 were waiting to get in.

The problem started as more people turned to online ordering during the pandemic.

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Source: CBS8


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