[Watch] Cargo-Shuttling Drones To Aid Resupply Missions

Credits: U.S. Navy photo by Bill Mesta/DVIDS

To develop methods for using drones during underway replenishment missions, the U.S. Navy is testing two unique, cargo-carrying drones that can move goods from one ship to another: Shield AI’s V-Bat and the Skyways V2.6. The technology could eventually allow ships to stay on station longer, on the front line, where they are needed most in wartime, reports Popular Mechanics.

One of the most dangerous peacetime missions in the Navy is the underway replenishment, or UNREP. UNREPs typically consist of a dry cargo/ammunition ship (T-AKE), such as the USNS Lewis and Clark, sailing parallel to another ship, and then passing supplies via helicopter or a cable-rigging system. UNREPs typically take place while both ships are moving.

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Source: Popular Mechanics