[Watch] Combating Homesickness Onboard


The UK P&I Club discusses about homesickness and the tips for combating homesickness.


Homesickness is the emotional distress that we experience when adjusting to new circumstances or surroundings when away from home and feeling cut off from our regular support system.

What are some of the symptoms of homesickness?

Physical symptoms may include:
• Fatigue or low energy
• Headaches
• Loss of appetite
• Muscle tension or pain
• Bodily aches and pains
• Gastric and intestinal complaints / nausea
• Sleep disturbances or insomnia / nightmares

Cognitive symptoms may include:
• Thoughts of missing home
• Idealizing home environment
• Lack of concentration
• Lack of optimism
• Negative thinking about the ship environment
• Inability to complete even simple tasks
• Absentmindedness

Behavioral symptoms may include:
• Social withdrawal
• Unwillingness to participate in social events or socialize with others onboard
• Lack of motivation or initiative on the job
• Wanting to leave
• Lack of drive to work or cooperate with other team members
• Isolating yourself

Emotional symptoms may include:
• Feeling sad, lonely or helpless
• Depressed thoughts or mood
• Anxiety
• Panic attacks
• Mood swings
• Crying
• Loss of confidence
• Inability to enjoy life onboard
• Sense of insecurity
• A feeling that you don’t belong
• Nervousness or irritability

Tips for combatting homesickness

  • Make an effort to get to know your crewmates
  • Keep in touch with your family
  • Take advantage of port visits to explore new surroundings
  • Keep your brain occupied
  • Create a new routine onboard
  • Remember why you enjoy your job!
  • Reach out for help

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Source: UK P&I


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