[Watch] Container Ship Destroyed a Huge Harbour Crane


Dramatic moment towering harbour crane smashes to the ground when 1,000ft container ship crashes into it after breaking from its moorings in high winds at the port of Antwerp, reports Dailymail.co.uk.

What happened?

A container ship destroyed a huge harbour crane after the vessel broke loose from its mooring and smashed into the structure in the Belgian port of Antwerp. 

Footage shows the 1076.8ft APL Mexico City drifting out to sea from the Deurganck dock at 2pm on Monday.  

The container collided with the Liebherr STS gantry crane which is part of DP World’s Antwerp Gateway terminal on Monday. 

The APL Mexico City drifts from its mooring in the Deurganck dock in Antwerp, Belgium, at 2pm on Monday

Heard crashing waves

Blistering wind speed, recorded at 40 knots, and crashing waves can be heard as workers on another boat are seen using radios to report the collision. 

Footage shows the 170.6ft crane crumble from the impact before smashing into the sea as the carrier continues to drift away from the dock. 

Johan Steegmans posted a clip to Twitter of the crash showing the container collide with the crane as workers can be heard gasping in horror. 

Not under direct Vessel Traffic Service guidance

Because the container was moored, it was not under direct Vessel Traffic Service guidance. 

The STS Liebherr cranes plummet to the ground and crash in the sea. There were no injuries in reported in the incident

On reports of the boat drifting out to sea, the service dispatched tugboats and a pilot boat to stop the vessel in its tracks. 

Crew unable to control

Crew on board the carrier were unable to control the boxship causing the APL Mexico City to strike the outstretched gantry of the crane. 






The video shows the crane, can lift up to 100 tons, collapse into the sea which damaged the quay and APL Mexico.  

Damage and injury

They cranes were installed in January last year costing £17.7million as part of an expansion project to handle the largest container vessels. 

There were no injuries reported in the collision and the area was swiftly evacuated. APL Mexico City has now been moored but will need repairs before she can set sail again. 

Port suspended

The port temporarily suspended navigation for safety reasons following gusts of 45 knots.  

Given the weather conditions, the port authority temporarily suspended navigation for safety reasons, local media reported and DP World said operations would resume soon. 

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Source: Dailymail.co.uk


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