[Watch] Container Train Speeding Through Flames


After a gasoline truck crash, a train line and homes in Aguascalientes, central Mexico, have been completely destroyed by flames as reported by BBC.

Covered in black smoke

A dramatic video of the fire that featured overhead views of the city covered in black smoke quickly became popular on social media. A container train was seen barreling through flames in one video.

More than 1,500 individuals, according to Mexico’s El Universal website, were evacuated. Fire destroyed some automobiles and homes.

No fatalities have been reported, however, several patients have been admitted to hospitals.

The truck driver is being held by the police.

Battling the incident

A Facebook post by Mayor Leo Montañez speaks of 300 homes in the crash area, 120 of which have been damaged.

The precise cause of the crash is unknown. The truck hit an overpass, according to Reuters news agency, contrary to initial reports that claimed it had collided with a train.

Pemex, a state-owned oil company, has denied ownership of the vehicle and claims it is assisting with firefighting efforts.

Approximately 200 firefighters are battling the incident, according to El Universal.

A lengthy cargo train was seen driving through flames on both sides of the track in a video taken from a nearby parked car.

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Source: BBC


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