[Watch] Crossing The Yangtze Ship Locks

Credit: Jack Anstey/Unsplash

Between January and July of this year, ports along the Yangtze River handled more than two billion tonnes of cargo. But how do the enormous cargo ships cross the once perilous and unpredictably flowing river?

A five-level ship lock nearby the Three Gorges Dam may hold some of the solutions. The lock offers a safe and secure route to carry commodities from the lower to the upper portions of the Yangtze, with a total capacity of 100 million tonnes.

In this episode, we meet engineers and experts who describe how the Three Gorges Dam and the ship lock have aided in everything from transportation to the prevention of drought and floods.

Reporter Morag Hobbs explores the Yangtze River’s bends and turns in the new CGTN series Eyes Over Hubei to discover more about the stunning Hubei Province.

See Here: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2022-12-16/Eyes-Over-Hubei-Travelling-through-the-Yangtze-ship-locks-1fOevqZBsmk/index.html

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Source: CGTN