[Watch] Cruise Ship Encountering Abandoned Vessel


A recent news article published in the Bernews states that Cruise Ship encounters abandoned vessel.

Insignia cruise ship

After leaving Bermuda, the Insignia cruise ship “encountered a sailing vessel which they suspected to be abandoned” approximately 50 miles off Bermuda.


A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “Sunday 10th July, 6:24 pm – The departing cruise ship Insignia encountered a sailing vessel which they suspected to be abandoned in a position 50 Miles North North West of Bermuda. The vessel showed signs of damage and the sails were poorly set, the name S/V Uplace was broadcast on AIS.

“The passing M/V Genoa was tasked with investigating Uplace further to establish if there is anyone onboard. Further research found the 36ft German registered sailing vessel had been reported on a few occasions since the crew abandoned to a U.S Coast Guard helicopter in April of this year. A Notice to Mariners was issued regarding the floating hazard.”

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Source: Ber News


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