[Watch] Deadly Storms Strike The Brazilian Coast, Killing Dozens

Credit: Chris Gallagher/Unsplash

In Brazil’s So Paulo state, officials report that landslides and flooding have killed at least 36 people, as reported by BBC.

Increased fatalities

Rescue workers say they hope to bring some of the individuals stuck in flooded homes out of the muck alive even though there are dozens of people missing and a predicted increase in the number of fatalities.

Footage displayed submerged neighbourhoods, flooded highways, and debris left behind as homes were swept away.

In a number of cities, the carnival has been cancelled.

At the coastal town of So Sebastio, 627mm of rain fell in a single day, more than double the monthly average.

Very grave situation 

Felipe August, the mayor of the town, described the situation as chaotic: “The extent of the devastation is still unknown to us. We’re working to save the people.”

Mr. Augusto continued, stating that the situation was still “very grave,” claiming that some 50 houses had collapsed and been washed away.

At least 35 fatalities were recorded by the state administration in So Sebastio, while a seven-year-old girl was murdered in Ubatuba, about 80 kilometres (50 miles) to the northeast, when a two-ton boulder struck her home.

Hundreds have been displaced and evacuated.

More heavy rain is expected in the area, threatening to make conditions even worse for emergency teams.

Extreme weather events such as floods are expected to become more common as the impacts of climate change took hold.

Last year, torrential rain in the south-eastern city of Petropolis killed more than 230 people.

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Source: BBC


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