[Watch] Deer Saved from Monstrous 3m Long Python


A monstrous python 3m long strangled a deer on the roadside, reports Daily Star.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

This frightening incident was recorded by a car driver who was on his way through the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in the Sri Racha district in eastern Thailand’s Chonburi Province.

An enormous python strangled a baby deer on the roads of Sri Racha district.

What happened?

A footage recorded from the driver’s car shows a spotted fawn being strangled as a huge python wrapped its body around the poor animal by the side of the road.

The young deer struggled hard  to breathe when the three-metre-long snake tightly coiled around its neck. The man came out of his car in an attempt to save the baby deer.

He dragged a tree branch towards the python, forcing the serpent to lunge at him and release its prey.

When the driver hit the python with the branch, the defensive snake striked out towards the man, biting at the air.

The man continued hitting it and after a few attempts, the snake gave up on its prey and slithered away into the bush.

The fawn quickly leaped to its feet and ran away across the road.

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Source: Daily Star


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