[Watch] Delaware Ferry Intentionally Sunk to Become a Reef


A ship that spent decades crossing the Delaware Bay was sunk on purpose Friday to become part of a system of artificial reefs.

The MV Twin Capes sailed from Cape Henlopen to Cape May from its first launch in 1975 until it was retired in 2011, and on Friday it became part of the Del-Jersey-Land Inshore Artificial Reef, about 30 miles off the Delaware coast, Delaware Online reported.

The 320-foot ship will become a habitat for marine life, and state officials told Delaware Online that it “may be the best addition yet to Delaware’s artificial reef system for both fishing and recreational diving opportunities.”

Rich King, of the Delaware Surf Fishing blog, was one of the last people on board the Twin Capes as it was being prepared for the sinking. He’s taken copious photos and has a compelling account of the sinking, including a description of the harrowing metal-on-metal screech: “The ship … sounds like it is screaming.”

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Source: WTOP