[Watch] A Divers Shocking Footage of Plastic Waste


Shocking footage has emerged showing a Bali ocean containing tonnes of plastic waste, showing the damage that humans are doing to the world’s ocean.

British Diver Rich Horner captured the images while diving at Manta Point, which is located around 20km away from Bali, Indonesia.

Cups, wrappers and bags can be seen everywhere, all while tropical fish swim around in the waste. Horner said that the ocean current carried the “lovely gift” to the area.

8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the ocean each year, and Indonesia is the world’s second largest contributors to plastic pollution; producing 130,000 tonnes of plastic waste a day.

The country is making efforts to clean up the area, but plastic pollution is becoming an increasing problem to tackle.

Hopefully scenes like this will open people’s eyes to the worldwide issue.

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SourceBusiness Insider