[Watch] Dock Sank During Docking Maneuver


When the brandnew “Norwegian Gannet” was to enter the floating dock of the Coast Center Base AS in Ågotnes on Nov 26, 2018, around 11 a.m., the factory trawler was suddenly ordered to retreat due to technical trouble with the dock. Within short time the dock dropped on one site and finally submerged completely. The trawler did not suffer damage and was ordered to drop anchor until further notice.

On board were 19 persons, a crew of 18 and one man of the CCB base. The dock had been moored in Lakevåg until summer 2017, when it was sold from the Bergen Group to the CCB Base which refurbished it since. The dock had been built for the Royal Navy in 1911/12 at the Wallsend Yard on the Tyne River near Newcastle and served as “Medway Dock AFD4” for decades before being sold to Sweden and later to Norway. It was in bad shape at that time.

But after months of hard work and tests no trouble was expected during the first docking maneuver since. The “Norwgian Gannet” berthed in Vindenes at 12.15 p.m

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Source: Bergens Tidende


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