[Watch] A Drone Delivers A Parcel To A Tanker


Watch the first delivery of a “LE 4-8X Dual” drone.  The drone was developed by the French start-up Xamen Technologies.  This is the first ATEX(EXplosive ATmospheres) drone that can operate in potentially explosive environments such as oil rigs, chemical processing plants and oil refineries.

In January the first flight of the drone was carried out near Kalundborg in Denmark, 70 miles (110 kilometres) west of Copenhagen.  It took off from a barge 800 feet (250 metres) away from the ship and successfully delivered the parcel.  The drone worked perfectly on rough weather condition proving its capacity to the world’s largest shipping company, the Maersk Group.  In adherence to Danish tradition the drone first carried a package of cookies. Actually the “LE 4-8X Dual” is capable of carrying a 41/2 lb (2 kg) payload, over 3 miles (5 kilometres).

Watch the drone’s delivery in a Minute

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Source: Aeronewstv


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