[Watch] Evolution of Ship Designs Future Ahead Through Artificial Intelligence


IMarEST TV recording of the 10 April 2019 IMarEST South East England & London Home Counties Branch technical meeting held at IMarEST HQ presented by Rodrigo Perez – Head of Naval Shipbuilding Area Manager, SENER.

The ship design industry has varied widely throughout history. Some could claim that the CAD/CAM/CIM tools had their origin around the year 350 BC with the mathematician Euclid of Alexandria. Many of the hypothesizes and postulates used by today’s CAD systems are based on Euclidean geometry. Some 2300 years later, many see the birth of 3D CAD with the work of a French engineer, Pierre Bezier.

After his mathematical work concerning surfaces, he developed a CAD to ease the design of elements for the automobile industry. Soon after CAD systems were introduced in the shipbuilding sector.

The real breakthrough in CAD systems came, logically, with the development of computers; and during the end of the 20th century the CAD applications matured to a similar stage as known today. It is expected that in the future the CAD tools will advance further through the Artificial Intelligence, helping the implementation of the Industry 4.0 in the marine business.

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Source: IMarEST


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