[Watch] First 8K Footage Of Titanic Decay In Glorious Detail


Unveiled details

Nearly 110 years after the RMS Titanic sank, a stunning video from the wreck shows the ship in 8K resolution for the first time.

OceanGate Expeditions on Tuesday released a high-resolution video from its latest expedition to the site on YouTube.

The 60-second video clip takes viewers on a tour of the outside of the famously doomed ship.

Phenomenal colours

The video clip also unveils details of the ship that were never seen before along the deck and bow.The video also highlights scenes of Titanic’s renowned bow, the portside anchor, hull number one, an enormous anchor chain (each link weighs approximately 200 pounds or nearly 91 kilograms), the number one cargo hold, and solid bronze capstans.

The footage also clearly showed how portions of the Titanic’s rails had broken apart and away from the ship, providing dramatic evidence of the ship’s deterioration. According to OceanGate Expeditions, the new 8K video enables scientists to zoom in on specific areas of the wreck while maintaining 4K clarity, revealing “phenomenal colours” and previously unseen new structures on the ship.

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Source: YouTube


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