[Watch] Giving Snakes Their Legs Back


‘Walking’ snake

A YouTuber who created robot legs to assist a snake in “walking” has amassed millions of views in just a few days.

The film, which was published on August 13, was made by content producer Allen Pan, who frequently receives millions of views online for his handmade battlebots, exoskeletons, and other innovations.

After drawing criticism for a previous video in which he and his companions seemed to capture a wild snake with the purported intent of smuggling it past airport security, Pan stated that the project’s goal was to demonstrate that he is a “snake lover.” (The snake eventually got away before this could be done.)

Major debate 

In the most recent video, Pan expressed his sympathy for snakes, saying that “they lost their legs.”

Before evolving to the point where they could survive without them, snakes are believed to have wandered the earth on legs between 100 and 150 million years ago.

There has been discussion on the events leading up to this shift. According to Scientific American, some claim that snakes lost their legs to better adapt to aquatic conditions, while others believe that snakes might have moved more freely underground if they had no legs.

In any case, Pan’s film demonstrates how he set out to design a tool that snakes can use to “walk,” with one need being that the snake must be able to enter and depart the tool freely on its own.


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Source: News Week


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