[Watch] Groggy Bear Emerging from Hibernation! Shows the World Will Still Go On!


When the world is so uncertain and is suffering isolation, a ranger in Canadian Rockies released a video she captured. According to a recent article published in The Guardian, she says it brought a lot of happiness into people’s world’s right now.

Something everybody needed

A ranger in Canadian Rockies says the video she captured was ‘something everybody needed’ in a time of isolation.

Gangnon’s unsuccessful 8 years

Nicole Gangnon said she had tried unsuccessfully for eight years to document the bear’s emergence from hibernation.

First look after hibernation

On a bright spring day, a hulking grizzly bear named Boo emerged from his winter den, shaking a dusting of snow from his thick coat as he looked around groggily.

The video also captured the elated reaction of one of the bear’s closest humans, the manager of grizzly refuge in the Canadian Rockies.

Gangnon said this will be the best video for many people who are desperate for distraction from the coronavirus pandemic.

Movement from the den 

On 17 March, Gangnon heard movement from the den and waited anxiously as Boo dug himself out.

“It’s just beautiful to see him face-to-face rather than on a camera. He’s so happy and that just makes your heart sing,” she said. 

“Once he gets up, you can see he’s got a grin on his face. He’s like: ‘Hello, world, here I am again.’”

Gangnon said “It’s brought a lot of happiness into people’s world’s right now, when people are isolated. It’s really just helped people to see that the world will still go on.”

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Source: The Guardian


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