[Watch] Heart-stopping Moment Daredevil Leaps Off Cruise Ship


A guest on board Princess Cruises’ Star Princess has been caught on camera performing an extreme forbidden act.

Being filmed from the dock more than 50ft below, the man could be seen perched at the very front of the huge ship.

Using his hands to steady himself, he inched out further and further before launching himself off.

The man hurtled down towards the water, making an enormous splash once he made contact with the surface.

He immediately started paddling towards the dock just a few feet away.

As he emerged from the water on a ladder, his friend who was filming cheered and laughed at his incredibly dangerous stunt.

The man was wearing a red t-shirt and board shorts as he clambered to dry land.

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube in December last year, it has been viewed more than 840,000 times.

Many viewers were not impressed with the sheer risk involved in the man’s jump.

One user wrote: “Good luck getting back on [the cruise]”.

Another said: “I have jumped from similar heights and it’s not that bad if you land right and keep your arms tucked in but if you landed on your belly or back it could kill you for sure.”

Jumping from cruise ships is a stunt that will get you kicked off altogether if you’re caught.

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Source: Express


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