[Watch] How Booking a Container Is Similar To Dining Out : Maersk


A recent video uploaded on Maersk  YouTube channel explaining the current complicated, unreliable nature of container shipping and how its recently unveiled Maersk Spot online booking service aims to make booking a box simple, reports Splash 247.

On June 25 the Danish carrier debuted Maersk Spot, an online product which provides customers a cargo loading guarantee at a fixed price upfront.

Booking A Container Similar To Going Out Dine?

To get its message across, Maersk’s new video takes place at the Con & Tain Restaurant and asks viewers to imagine if going out to dine was like booking a container. Customers are greeted with overly complex menus, and when overbooking occurs diners are seen sitting on top of each other with one couple being rolled from the establishment and prices constantly changing and extra fees being added. Clientele are blindfolded as they pay their bills in the minute-long video.

Time For Change?

The commercial closes with a message that it is time for change with details on how Maersk Spot features a loading guarantee, easy online booking and a fixed price at booking.

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Source: Splash 247


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