[Watch] How To Protect Healthcare Workers While Tackling COVID19


Until recently, Japan had been one of the success stories in controlling the spread of Covid-19, says a video article published in BBC.

In February and March, Japan succeeded in suppressing early cluster outbreaks, and in keeping total infections in the hundreds. But now the capital Tokyo appears to have a developing epidemic with more than 3,500 cases confirmed. Countrywide there are now more than 12,000 cases.

Doctors in Tokyo say a state of emergency, declared two weeks ago, is not slowing the spread of the virus enough to stop new cases overwhelming the hospital system.

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes and the BBC’s Tokyo team have been inside one hospital just south of the capital, which has built a makeshift Covid-19 unit in just 10 days, to try to deal with the overflow.

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Source: BBC


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