Watch Out for Huge Mobile Bills on Cruises


Watch Out for Huge Mobile Bills on Cruises: Some Firms Charging £3 a Minute ‘Maritime Roaming Fees’


Cell phones are a way of life these days, with every guest bringing their phone with them on to a cruise, just like they would bring their wallet or identification.  The obvious question is about the usage of cell phone on board in ships and their costs.

Vacationers navigating on ships and vacation ships in Europe this summer are being cautioned of the huge phone bill they could face if they resort to use their mobiles on board, during sailing.

Generally, vacationers in the EU should be charged not more than 5p a minute for making a call, 2p for sending a text and 5p to download one megabyte of statistics and that is sufficient to look at ten web pages.  But on a passenger ship, people face greater charges. Even for a relaxing trip, passengers on cruise could be in horrible shock for their enhanced mobile bills received.

That is mainly because ferry and cruise firms, such as Carnival UK, that operates P&O Cruises are in the practise of using an international firm to provide phone services when the ships are more than two miles from the land.  Hence instead of being charged at the standard rate for EU calls, passengers are forced to yield with maritime roaming fees charged by international phone firm, on the cruise in which they are sailing.  

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Source: Daily Mail Online


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