[Watch] Hull Performance To Achieve Fuel Efficiency


Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) is now shaping as one of the most attractive investments in shipping today.

The condition of a ship’s underwater hull surface has a substantial impact on its energy efficiency – both at the new build stage (impact on EEDI) and for the vessel in operation (impact on EEOI).  Around 1/10 of the world fleet’s fuel consumption can be attributed to poor hull and propeller performance (MEPC63-4-8).  This translates into around USD 30 billion in additional fuel cost and around 0.3% of all man-made carbon emissions.

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Disclaimer: This video is intended for informational purpose only.  This may not be construed as a news item or advice of any sort.  Please consult the experts in that field for the authenticity of the presentations.

Source: Jotun


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