[Watch] Katana: An Unmanned Boat From Israel


Katana is an invention made by Israel. It is an unmanned surface vessel (USV) combat marine system for use guarding Israel’s coast and growing offshore investments.

Katana is a multifunctional vessel and ‘marine system’ that provides various capabilities such as advanced communications, weapons systems, and varied payloads.

Watch the video of the amazing unmanned surface vessel and it features.


  • The Cruising Speed of the boat is 30 kn with a maximum speed of 60 kn.
  • It runs on 2×560 hp Maritime Diesel Engines.
  • The vessel has a Public Address System.
  • It also has a 360º Observation system.
  • The mission range is 350 nm.
  • It has an Advanced Naval Radar & AIS along with a Rapid Obscuring system.
  • It has autonomous Navigation, planning, debriefing and recording capabilities.



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