[Watch] Liberty Lifter Seaplane Concept Revealed


The Liberty Lifter project was created by DARPA to demonstrate a leap forward in operational logistical capabilities by developing, manufacturing, and flying a long-range, low-cost X-plane capable of seaborne strategic and tactical lift as reported by Naval News.

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Liberty Lifter seaplane

The new vehicle concept seeks to expand upon existing cargo aircraft by proving revolutionary heavy airlift abilities from the sea.

The envisioned plane will combine fast and flexible strategic lift of very large, heavy loads with the ability to take off/land in the water.

Although current sealift is very efficient in transporting large amounts of payload, it is vulnerable to threats, requires functional ports, and results in long transit times.

The most well-known examples are the Soviet “ekranoplans.”

“This first phase of the Liberty Lifter program will define the unique seaplane’s range, payloads, and other parameters.”

Full-Scale Affordable Production: Construction will prioritize low-cost, easy-to-fabricate designs over exquisite, low-weight concepts.


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Source: Naval News


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